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Dr. David Lopez-Lee

  After knocking on over 6,000 doors, I have found that Moorparkians major concerns are excessive truck traffic (on L.A. avenue), empty stores (especially on High Street), and affordable housing.  Other spotty areas of concern were unsightly home fronts, broken and/or no sidewalks (e.g., Princeton Av.), WiFi accessibility, and the proposed Acquatics facility.

     Most of these concerns require intensely focused efforts, which I would have  led by citizen groups of interest.  Such voices of interest may find:  that affordable housing may be seamlessly and smartly dove-tailed into our community; that the proposed Acquatics Center, slightly re-configured, pays for itself, that WiFi for       everyone throughout the City is less expensive than what present subscribers pay.  As for the excessive truck traffic, changes to the trucks themselves might be required (rather than changes to L.A. Av.), perhaps more safety inspections—and finally, legal as well as political efforts need to be brought to bear, the State being our biggest stumbling block.

     But it is High Street that captures our imagination.  It returns us to the Mayberry of our youth—it reminds us of a piece of Americana where families are found walking about, and meeting in collectives in little clusters here and about, visiting shops, cafes, quaint restaurants, and sitting together in common areas.  I will tirelessly work to see High Street become the place in Moorpark where a sense of community is enhanced. 

Other policy areas of concern follow.

A two-pronged economic strategy for Moorpark:

a.  A “staging” of novel or risky business efforts.  Local non-profits, financial entities (including banks), and stakeholders in Moorpark would work with City staff in developing an assessment process for such business proposals within the City.  Such proposals would be tested and evaluated by this group.  Promising efforts would be allowed to “stage” their proposed efforts in some of the empty shops in the City.  Successful efforts, whenever feasible. would be funded for extended time periods—six months at a time, until financially independent.

b.  A micro-loan track.

Moorpark would work hand in hand with Grameen America, a non-profit microfinance organization dedicated to helping women who live in poverty build small businesses.  This organization offers microloans (often less than $100), training, and support to transform communities and fight poverty in the U.S.A. This organization has been shown to: 1. Support low income women who are unable to get traditional bank loans; 2. Create sustainable jobs; 3. Generate additional income for borrowers and families; 4. Help borrowers build and establish credit histories; 5. Increase local tax revenues.  Since opening in 2008, Grameen America has invested nearly $200 million in more than 37,000 low-income women entrepreneurs.

A work-world engagement for Moorpark kids:

I envision the City of Moorpark, working with all relevant stakeholders (middle-school, high school, Moorpark college, and local businesses), assisting in the placement of students in the real world of work beginning in the eighth grade, for at least one hour a week, paid for or not.

Community engagement for Moorpark:

We have become a public of strangers…a public which no longer trusts, no longer values its institutions.   Many of today’s elected officials actually fuel this disengagement…they feed this ethos of “us against them,” a resistance to groups…or collectives, of any kind. 

If we care about our fellow Americans…our Country, we need more, rather than less, engagement with our public institutions and each other.

How could such engagement be arranged or enhanced:

By encouraging user groups, existing community associations, and service groups to improve and maintain facilities, such as horse riding trails, dog runs, traffic islands.

Enlisting new groups that a changing society creates (e.g., SOAR champions).

The long-term formation of new groups (that survive turnover).  For example, a Citizens Financial Committee, comprised of Moorpark business and professional members, charged with looking at short- and long-term funding options for our City.

Engage in the constant scanning of our “futurescape” by proactively creating groups comprised of Moorpark stakeholders and residents with the skills suggested by an anticipated scenario.

By arranging for conditions where we work together, rather than just a numeric growth of community association, we begin to have an increasing “sense” of community…camaraderie/connectedness.


For over 40 years Dr. David Lopez-Lee has been an expert in organizational decision making and performance evaluation for both public and private organizations. His clients have included Colleges, Universities, School Districts, the National Academy of Sciences, Educational Testing Service, and all levels of government. He had to develop ground-breaking evaluation approaches to force the restoration of millions of dollars to communities in Southern California.

Locally, Dr. Lopez-Lee has been Moorpark's representative on the Ventura Community College District's Chancellor Search Committee and works as a volunteer instructor at the Moorpark Active Adult Center. In addition, he serves on the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Ventura County Community College District, serving as a voice for the interests of Moorpark.

Dr. Lopez-Lee also served on the California Senate Cost Control Commission for over 25 years, during which time the Commission saved the Taxpayers of Moorpark and entire State of California over $2.5 Billion. In addition to his work as an Administrative Judge (hearing officer) in Los Angeles since 1979, Dr. Lopez-Lee was elected three times to the Board of Trustees of the L.A. Community College District, serving as President of the Board three times.

Dr. Lopez-Lee has been a Professor of Public Administration at USC since 1972, and although he retired in 2007, he continues to work there on a part-time basis. He was Associate Dean of the School of Public Administration (1980-1982). Because Dr. Lopez-Lee's degrees are all in interrelated fields of Psychology (his PhD is from UCLA), he was able to work in the emerging field of human factors engineering in the aerospace industry, before moving to a professorship in education. Dr. Lopez-Lee has consulted and written extensively in such diverse areas as government, sociology, psychology, comparative cultures, policy evaluation, administrative/organizational theory, public policy, statistics and research design, engineering, survey design, and many areas of education. He is particularly proud of his work on more equitable economic opportunity and affordable housing for all members of our community and workforce.

A resident of our community for over a decade, Dr. Lopez-Lee lives with his daughter in Moorpark where he remains active in our community.



Washington DC

David has worked with, and has been a Professor to Legislators at all levels of govenment including City, State and Federal

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Working with young minds and youthful energy has been David’s career. David will bring that skill to the City Council.

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